• Where can I buy the MAVID-3M Modules?

    Contact sales@librewireless.com.

  • Can I load my own code (non-Libre SDK)?

    No, hardware dependencies are there to work with an SDK. You can make your own applications using Libre MAVID-3M SDK for your own use cases.

  • My board is damaged how to debug?

    Flash the code in the board and try to debug using serial terminals like Teraterm, putty, gtkterm, etc. If you find anything related to hardware damage, those things will be displayed in Red color lines copy those logs in a file and send it to support e- mail ID. If you are not able to flash the code check your connections and connecting cables, if all are good and board issues are there with flashing, contact us through support e-mail ID (SDKsupport@librewireless.com).

  • My board is not booting up?

    It might be hardware issue, flash the code in the board and try to debug using serial terminals like Teraterm, putty, gtkterm, etc. If you find anything related to hardware damage, those things will be shown in Red color lines take those logs in a file and send it to support e-mail ID. If logs are not displayed, then contact us through support email ID.

  • Can I replace or return the board?

    If you are facing any issue/problem with our product, send a detailed e-mail to SDKsupport@librewireless.com.

  • How to get more support?

    Send an e-mail to SDKsupport@librewireless.com.

  • What is MAVID-3M EVK SDK?

    MAVID-3M EVK SDK provides platform for developers to make their own Alexa voice-based application, in different environments with given build and flash tool kits.

  • What is MAVID-3M EVK Board?

    Libre MAVID-3M is low cost, low powered module targeted primarily for IoT applications. In-built Voice front end and Alexa Voice Service integrated platform extends its capacity to design Voice AI solutions.

  • How to acquire Libre MAVID-3M SDK?

    To get the MAVID-3M SDK visit Libre website: https://www.librewireless.com/store.html

  • What is the processor core?

    ARM Cortex-M4 @ 192 MHz.

  • Which is the OS used?

    MAVID-3M SDK uses FreeRTOS.

  • How much flash and RAM memory available in MAVID-3M Board for user?

    The system has 4MB flash memory of which 2.3MB is available for application firmware. It has 4MB internal RAM of which 1.6MB available when the system is in idle state.

  • What does the MAVID-3M SDK package contain?

    MAVID-3M SDK package contains example codes with build and flashing tools, documents, application supporting libraries and APIs, kernel, Mobile Application and AWS CDK example codes.

    • project directory for Example projects and creating user application,
    • tools directory for build tools,
    • flash_tool_files directory for flash tool files,
    • doc directory for documents,
    • build.sh script build the project,
    • config directory for board configuration files,
    • driver directory for driver APIs,
    • kernel directory contains FreeRTOS files and services,
    • libraries directory contains SDK supported libraries,
    • middleware directory contains middleware and BSP API's,
    • prebuild directory contains supporting API's,
    • aws_infrastructure directory contains aws CDK python code and example lambda code.
  • How to use the software SDK?

    Download the git repository from https://github.com/LibreWireless/MAVID-3_SDK. Open the doc folder and follow the steps given in the Libre_MAVID-3M_SDK - Getting Started Guide v1.3.pdf.

  • How to get the tools and documents?

    The tools and documents are available in the directory of MAVID3M_SDK repository for the users.

  • What are the development environments available?

    Windows with MinGW and Linux with 32-bit and 64-bit development environments will be supported.

  • What are the applications that can be developed on MAVID-3M?

    Peripheral Applications, AWS IoT Applications, Appliance controls and AVS voice- based Applications can be developed on MAVID-3M.

  • What to do if there is error while flashing?

    If there is an error while flashing, check the TTL cable connection, check for USB root permission, if flashing gets time out check for USB port availability or TTL cable-board connection and don't forget to reset the board after giving flash command.

  • Does the MAVID-3M development board have in-built microphone?

    Yes, the MAVID-3M development board have in-built microphone.

  • Does the MAVID-3M development board have IR transmitter/receiver?

    Yes, MAVID-3M development board has two IR transmitter and one IR Receiver.

  • Does MAVID-3M App support iOS and Android phones?

    Yes, MAVID-3M App supports both iOS and android phones.

  • Does MAVID-3M SDK support feature builds?

    Yes, by creating multiple _feature.mk files, it can create feature specific builds.

  • How to debug MAVID-3M Application errors?

    Using Teraterm, putty, gtkterm, etc. We can view the logs and can save as a file to see Application errors.

  • How much power is produced from the MAVID-3M board pins?

    We get 3.3v/1.8v from the MAVID-3M Board pins according to jumper J23 connector.

  • Which are the securities Wi-Fi chip of MAVID-3M supports?

    Wi-Fi security WEP, WPA2, WPS are supported by MAVID-3M Board.

  • Which version of BLE chip is used in MAVID-3M board?

    BLE 5.0 chip is used in MAVID-3M board.

  • Do we need to connect External Antenna on board?

    Yes, you can connect external antenna with UFL connector or on-Board Printed PCB Antenna is given.

  • How to get the mobile application?

    The mobile application is available in the tool/app directory of MAVID3M_SDK repository for users.

  • What are the components in the MAVID-3M development kit box?

    MAVID-3M EVK box contains 3 boards, namely MAVID-3M, Interconnect Card, EVK Board and micro USB power cable.

  • How to troubleshoot build issues?

    Check if all the prerequisites are met and all the packages mentioned in Getting Started Guide are successfully installed.